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So, a little under 48 hours ago the BIGGEST news of the year for PokeFans dropped with this ultra kawaii trailer, observe:

This trailer was rolled out during a massive Nintendo/Pokemon conference featuring the director of Nintendo and some of the main names of Pokemon creators Game Freak. View the full Nintendo/Pokemon conference here:

We are finally getting our new Pokemon RPG series for the Nintendo Switch – November 16th 2018 guys, carve that date in your diary!

While the Pokemon/Tekken mash-up Pokken has already been out for a while, this will be the first “proper” (but also not “proper” Pokemon game for the Switch.)

The games are “Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu/Eevee” –  a nostalgic return to Pokemon Yellow in it’s 20th anniversary year. There IS a whole brand new core RPG series coming for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, but this is our “filler” game if you were, to continue making the big shots money and to keep us fans from remembering there’s such a thing as natural daylight and an outside world…!

We return to a highly visually updated Kanto to adventure with either our Pikachu or our Eevee – who god forgive me now has their own unique “Eevee cry” that might even be, dare I say it, cuter than Pikachu’s!? (Forgive me, oh Yellow One…!) From the trailer it looks splendid and expansive and features a plethora of new additions to game play.

Were this a standard Pokemon Yellow re-make, much in the style of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, I think reception wouldn’t be as… mixed.

While I am absolutely beside myself with giddiness and preparing to impoverish myself to save up for a Nintendo Switch between now and the next six months, other fans aren’t so keen.

The “Let’s Go” part of the new titles refers to of course, Pokemon GO, the massive Niantic produced Augmented Reality game for people with unbridled free time and fancy phones.


It appears that Nintendo are now combining the brand new Pokemon Yellow re-make with Pokemon GO to make for some very convoluted and perhaps redundant game play mechanisms. Personally, I hate the community spirit and outdoors driven aim of the Pokemon GO games and prefer to hide indoors in solitary fervour playing my Pokemon games, so any social features of the Pokemon Let’s Go will be, quite bluntly, ignored by me.

Junichi Masuda, director of the Pokemon game series, say Game Freak wanted to utilise the vast tools and opportunities for game play the Switch can bring to a Pokemon game that a basic Nintendo console couldn’t. And that’s fair enough I think. Only time will tell if the new, more player integrated way of catching Pokemon will actually be enjoyable or just a faddy nuisance (I know some Pokemon trainers who certainly think it will be…!)

Personally I’m a little more open minded in my old age and am willing to give this series a chance! I think after the excruciating monotony of the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon games, the series and game play could definitely do with a shake up.


PokeBall Plus is also an added feature this time around. It’s basically a swishy Tomagatchi pokeball that you can use as a game controller around your wrist and then carry around with you in the outside world.


It remains to be seen whether this will just be a functional PokeWalker Part II, or a refreshing new way of bringing the Pokemon world experience to life. I’m optimistic on that part, we’ll just have to see what the price tag is…!

download (1)

The 2019 core RPG game is still being kept under wraps, with a release date pencilled in for the second half of the year with an announcement date scheduled for Spring(ish) 2019.

My mind can’t even handle all this new information. GEEKGASM! GEEKGASM! GEEKGASM!


Last, but certainly not least, we have a free to start digital game called “Pokemon Quest”. It’s downloadable onto your Nintendo Switch and looks a bit like a Minecraft rip off, but according to feedback from gamers – isn’t!

Here is the link and trailer for more Pokemon Quest information:

No doubt endless rumours, fake news, speculation and tears (whether of joy or revulsion) will abound between now and the 16th of November. Buckle yourself in, PokeFans, it’s about to get thrilling!

There we have it nerdlings! Keep watching the skeys, I mean skies!

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