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Greetings fellow PokeNerds! Welcome to Straight Outta Kanto – your newest Irish blog for News, Nerd Culture, Nonsense and sometimes… more!

Today on Straight Outta Kanto we are shining a dirty great spot-light on an up and coming new talent on the Irish fanart scene, Sligo artist… Cat Dobson. (Occasionally known as “Dobby.” Keep your socks away from her however, I need a good servant around the place…!)

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(1) Tell me briefly about who you are and how you came about being a crazy Pokemon lady:

My name is Cat Dobson, I’m from Sligo, I became a not-so-crazy Pokemon Lady when I reached an age where I had more ability to invest in Pokemon as I wanted. When I was a kid, the whole pocket money thing was yeah, a thing! So shout out to my bro John Dobson for his diligence in us co-ordinating Pokemon Gameboy games to efficiently trade Pokemon, ya genius!

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(2) Tell me briefly about when and how you first discovered the Pokemon scene in Ireland and how and when you got into it:

Even though I first loved Pokemon from age eight or nine, I first discovered a Pokemon scene that felt more substantial when I went to ‘Eirtakon’, Dublin in 2009, where people of all ages were actively playing in battle tournaments, or talking cards or buying Pokemon merchandise, and that’s actually where my obsession with obtaining all Eeveelution Plushies started 😉

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(3) What is your personal experience with the Irish Pokemon scene? Do you feel it’s as represented as the scenes in other countries? Obviously Ireland isn’t as big as Japan or America etc. but still, do you think we’re small but hardcore? How do you feel females are represented on the Irish nerd scene?

My personal experience with the Irish Pokemon scene is definitely down the culture of Ireland; we’re a friendly, open minded lot in our green isle, and we bring that to the nerd community definitely.

We’re not as big as Japan or the US, but we party and play enough to make marks all the same! The banter and gameplay never ends with us!

From firsthand and from speculation, female representation is mostly warm and encouraging between the conventions, I’m even finding that girls are growing up within the scene, excited to cosplay and game and participate in cosplay masquerades and skits, and everyone is so receptive to their performances and hard work.

The haters or judgemental aren’t even worth crediting. [SOK – Preach Sista…!]

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(4) What are your hopes for your Pokemon activities/gaming etc for the rest of 2018 and onto 2019:

I’d definitely love to see more of intimate Pokemon battle groups, with their sitting cross legged in the corners, shouting ‘GET EM CHARIZARD!’ and their snacks (Pocky!) in the cons, and I know we’ve come so far from the likes of the Gameboy games, and will go further.
I’m a self professed Pokemon Go addict XD.
The selling of artwork, I would hope it goes very far, because it’s very rewarding, and I hope to sell Pokemon artwork myself (shout out to the horror musician/illustrator and Pokemon Blogger Venus de Vilo for giving me the idea back at Bro Con 2017, ya legend!) [SOK – We cheerfully accept your shout out.]
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(5)  What is your favourite Pokemon memory? 
Ooh, that’s definitely a tough one.
I’ve near danced in public from catching Legendaries and Snorlax (because he’s ma bro!) in public playing Pokemon Go, but I think my ultimate Pokemon memory was when my mum gave me a Pikachu and Pichu covered Gameboy colour as a gift, along with my Pokemon Silver as my first ever Pokemon game, I near cried I was so happy.
cat 6
(6) What is your most prized Pokemon related possession?
Toss up between the Pikachu Gameboy colour and my cartridge and Nintendo Pokemon games in first place, and then my plushies definitely follow.
My friends gave me Pokemon plushies and shirts as gifts, and I love them so much, I’m absolutely shameless XD
Though I did a large painting of a Dragonair, she’s my baby.
cat 7.jpg
(7) Do you feel that the Pokemon franchise is well represented on the Irish convention scene? 
In terms of conventions and their advertising, I usually hear more from other types of convention events before hearing about Pokemon ones i.e cosplay masquerades, voice actor panels, cosplay skits.
The most I’ve seen from Pokemon in conventions is either someone happens to be wearing a cosplay, or the merchandise and artwork is for sale, or there are Pokemon themed fairground games.
Though there was one an Eeveelution themed cocktail demo that I sadly missed xD So I would say to answer the question, the presence is there, but not in one big chunk of an event.
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(8) What is your favouritest Pokemon game/manga/show/movie etc of all time and would you like a remake/reboot/reshowing?
I think I’d say the original Pokemon tv show episodes were my favourite (I was so passionate about them when I was younger,morning cartoons before school were a lifestyle back then)
cat 9.jpg
Thank you so much Cat, that was illuminating!
cat p
For more information on Cat’s kawaii creations: —> Please politely stalk her on this Facebook page here and also: and
cat p2
All artwork here Cat Dobson originals and published with her express permission for use in this interview.
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There we have it nerdlings! Keep watching the skeys, I mean skies!

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Thanks for reading! 🙂



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