Straight Outta Kanto


Alola, PokeNerds! I hope you’re all free-wheeling with frightful glee like a Gengar caught in a tumbling Pumpkboo towards our beloved spooky season!

I know there’s been quite the controversy of late with regards to Game Freak‘s impending new release Pokemon Sword and Shield and change is always a strange and scary thing. (Not as scary as what’s under Mimikyu’s costume…)

However, here at Straight Outta Kanto we embrace all bizarre-ness and take every new addition or subtraction to the ever-changing Pokemon Universe in our chubby little lumbering stride!

While embarking upon one of my many 3am anxiety induced attacks of Marie Kondo-ism during the week, I stumbled upon an old PokeDex anthology from 2015 that sparked deep, deep joy.

The Deluxe Essential Handbook is filled with standard adorable pictures of all Gen 1 – 6 ‘mon and has some rather tame descriptions of them too. We’re…

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